Pre-order wiring question

I am looking at ordering the fan/light combo switch lzw-34.

I currently have my fan and light wired to a 1 gang smart wifi switch that controls both fan speed and light dimming.

The wiring diagrams do not cover this wiring set up. If I purchase this, would someone be able/willing to help me with rewiring (with pictures attached of course)?
When I asked support via email if this switch would work for my setup they said I would need to rewire my switch but they do not give wiring instructions.
I am comfortable with wiring and know which wires are line and load.

Can you post your model of fan?

Is the WiFi switch a add on or built into the fan?

Hampton Bay Rockport 52" pull chain fan, Model 51754

The wifi switch was an add on. The fan itself is dumb

You have line and neutral both at wall switch and fan? Not a three way and not looking to use WiFi add on and Inovelli switch right? (Sounds dumb, but it’s been asked)

If so, it’ll be easy! You’ll basically replace the canopy module in the ceiling. Replace wall switch, sync and done.

Make sure fan is set to HIGH before using switch to ensure motor voltage is correct.

Also, please note the other threads in regards to flicker and LEDs. Your lights may be affected or not. Team Inovelli is working on new firmware for the canopy, so you may want to wait before ordering since you cannot flash firmware yourself on the canopy.

I have line, fan load, light load, neutral in both box and canopy. The current wifi switch is wired to control everything. Therefore, the wiring diagram you showed is not my set up.

It is not a 3way. It is a single gang switch in a multigang box. I only want 1 switch to control 1 fan/light.

I want to replace my current wifi switch with a switch compatible with SmartThings in order to be able to automate.

I think/hope I answered everything. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think there’ll be a problem. Model of WiFi add on?

Basically we’ll just need to rewire your current switch on the wall and ceiling box to match the above drawing. The end result should look like the drawing above (right side). Sounds like you have plenty of wires (if you have fan/light load wires from wall box to ceiling).

When you mention WiFi fans, some have built in modules that take extra interval fan wiring to make work; however, since you basically have a dumb fan with an add-on you should have everything available at both boxes.

Treatlife fan and light switch

The rewiring of the box was where I wasn’t sure. I have installed other canopy remotes so that should be easy.

By any chance do you know the measurements of the canopy module? I may need to buy a different bracket as well.

Thank you for your help!

I see your switch doesn’t have a canopy so that makes more sense now. We’ll definitely help with wiring if needed.

I don’t have the specs of the canopy. I can’t find it in the manual. Perhaps @Eric_Inovelli @Courtney_Inovelli @Brianna_Inovelli can get the support website updated with the specs and/or make it easier to find. (Sorry guys, on mobile, can’t find it).

Looks like your fan has a canopy sized bracket from the instructions manual. Should fit, but you should confirm the size just to be safe.

I did find this in the forums however I’d wait for the official size from Team Inovelli.

@Eric_Inovelli can you confirm the dimensions of the canopy module please?

Yup, sorry.

Imperial (inches)
Height = 1"
Width = 2"
Length = 4.5"

Metric (mm)
Height = 25.4mm
Width = 50.8mm
Length = 114.3mm

Thank you. I’ll have to buy new fan mounting hardware. 1inch canopy module will not work with my slopped ceiling mount. (I’ve tried)

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