Problems with switch bulb support

Trying to achieve the following result:
Controller: HomeSeer
Have dimmer control 4 Illumin bulbs - 1 lamp (one bulb) and 1 ceiling light (3 bulbs) The switch currently controls the ceiling light

Added all the bulbs and ceiling light switch (Red Dimmer) with no problems

What I think needs to be done:

  1. Turn on ceiling lights to full brightness
  2. Disable relay
  3. Associate each bulb with the switch

This does not work switch is inoperable Does not control lights or shut off at switch
homeseer shuts all lights on and off as though it is controlling the lights via the switch (not all lights were associated but they are still shuting on and off through homeseer.

Some associations don’t seem to work correctly (associate bulb status to switch but it returns with red channel associated (see pictures)

Any thoughts or suggestions

Edit: Geez, I didn’t realize this was 3 months old. It showed 12hrs when I looked at it. Must’ve changed when I recategorized everything. How embarrassing! Were you able to figure this out?

Hey @Bill – happy to try to help start the convo here (I’m not familiar with HS, but we can do some troubleshooting together).

Quick question for you:

  • Does the Red Series switch work manually (I know you’re controlling a smart bulb, but I just want to make sure the switch works manually as you mentioned the switch is inoperable)?

As far as the associations, the switch should be the source and the bulbs the destination (not sure if there’s such verbiage in HS, I’m just going off of my personal use with ST).

Anyway, I’ll tag @EricM_Inovelli who has HS and can help.

Hang in there, we’ll get you up and running!

This is correct – just make sure the switch is the source and the bulbs the destination as Z-Wave Association is 1-Way communication.

Kinda gave up on associations since they did not work well, I am also about to give up on the illumin lights - don’t seem to play well with homeseer (probably go to HUE lights and use homeseer plugin to work them (I have other non color lights - which work ok with events). I have recently switched to the beta version of homeseer, but was using the non-beta when I first saw and wrote the problem.

When I said the switch was inoperable, was probably not a good statement, the relay is off so would not expect it to switch lights off and on other than the way it was explained for associations (which is why I said it was inoperable - meaning associations did no work). The switch commands ae received by Homeseer and and I can write evens based on scene controls such as 1 tap up, two taps … 1 tap down, which works so I can turn the lights on and off with no problem through HS events (things are a little slow presently - but may be HS problem). I am also having trouble setting the colors on the light as it appears to set color - both cold and warm white setting must be set off to allow the switch to display a color. I now have some limitations with homeseer since I am using the beta, but for now I just wanted two colors blue or white for the lights to be - to do this I set the value of all the color channels (R,G,B) and then set the white cold and warm values off and then set the value I want on (ie Blue or White) seems to be some timing problems with this and don’t always get all three lingts in the overhead to change correctly - don’t know a way to set a reset command to set all values off so I don’t have to send individual commands.

Finally one of my lights is now stuck on blue, no command seem to be able to fix can turn it off and on but not change to any color including white - tried both excluding and factor reset with no success - is there a firmware update for these lights?