Product Recommendation: Zigbee Dual Outlet Receptacle *DUAL CONTROL*

I’m trying to locate a Zigbee dual outlet wall receptacle that allows for automation for BOTH outlets. I prefer 15 amp but 20 amp will suffice. Alternatively a Z-Wave device will suffice.

I located a couple brands but they only allow for automation of 1 of the 2 outlets.

It looks like the item is readily available in WIFI versions but I would only consider WIFI as a last resort.

I was recently looking for a Zigbee smart outlet as well. Normally, I would use a smart plug like the one made by Aqara. I have a use case where a smart outlet would be better. In hallways, I would rather not have a bulky plug that is going to get knocked out periodically. Plus it would be nice to get a built in night light, lux sensor, and motion sensor for these locations.

In my search I came across the InvisOutlet on Kickstarter. Unfortunately, it is a WiFi device, but I really like the design with the night light and sensors in the face plate. Now that I have thought this over, I’m not even that interested in controlling the outlets in my hallways. A Zigbee face plate with night light and sensors that taps into the power of the existing receptacle would be all I need.