Product Suggestion: Security Keypad

Basically, this thing which was never made for the US market.

I suggest the codename ‘project open sesame’ if this is approved for development.

Physically, device would be a numeric keypad, outdoor rated. Battery power or option for 9-24v AC/DC. Much like a smart lock, user codes could be loaded from a hub (and it would probably appear as a smart lock to the hub). Also have a large doorbell button. There’d be a relay to bridge the two power terminals (or another two dry contacts).

Use case- a big one would be garage doors. This could be hardwired into the garage door (and get power from the door), or would use an existing z-wave garage door controller unit. That would give far more functionality than a normal garage door keypad as it could be automated+connected.
For a garage door, this could BE a garage door controller, with the addition of two magnetic contact switches for fully open and fully closed. That would require some intelligence on the hub. For a garage application, the doorbell button could turn on the garage light for example (user programming of course).
This could also be a smart lock door controller. For someone that doesn’t want an external facing smart lock, and gets one of the inside-only retrofit kits, this could open the door. It could do double duty as a doorbell in that application.

Firmware- obviously smart lock functionality (set user codes), with status report (report when correct user code punched in, perhaps report when each button is pushed), and scene control, and battery status. Tamper switch might also be good.

Relay would be user configurable- click power terminal relay on successful code entry, click secondary terminals on successful code entry, click either one on unsuccessful code entry, click either one on doorbell button push. All disabled by default.

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This would be awesome! The only thing like this that seems to have been made is the Iris v2/Centralite/Xfinity keypad (I think they’re all more or less the same, some upside down compared to others) or the (short-lived) Iris v3 keypad, many of which have different firmware versions and slightly varying features that have made support on some hubs difficult to achieve—and safe to say most of those won’t be getting any more updates. Those were all just battery keypads, no relay or contacts, and I’d be quite happy if that’s all this hypothetical keypad were to be, too, but I certainly see the potential for the additional uses.

A current, supported Z-Wave (or Zigbee, but I’m guessing that won’t fly here :slight_smile: ) keypad that could be used for any purpose — opening a non-keypad smart lock or garage door (honestly any garage I’ve seen would need to be rewired to use this on the outside and considering someone could just rip it off and touch the two wires together I’m not sure I’d want to, so…back to me not caring whether it has extra terminals, haha), arming/disarming your hub’s security/intrusion system, or whatever — would be excellent!