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Would have posted on roadmaps page but unable to start a new topic.
I use Inovelli Reds in my bedroom and by each of my exterior doors. In addition to the scene capability, i use the Led status light to show me the status of my locks and garage doors. If any thing is open or unlocked…the status is set to flash red. Its great to be able to look over as i’m turning in for the night to see that everything is locked and closed, and as i’m headed through any outside door…its great to know what else may be left open.

I have contact sensors on my outside doors and while i can use my hard wired alarm to give me an audible indication when a door is open…i’m really thinking of tossing my wired alarm for something like a Konnected IO system…which doesn’t really have a good solution for audible alerts. Was thinking that a small piezo buzzer in a switch would allow a person to get those audible alerts any time a door was opened…and get the audible alert anywhere they choose to install a switch…so…hoping enough people see the need and hope Inovelli takes note for future development.

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Did you know that Konnected makes a board that works with your existing alarm panel so you can link it with your smart home Hub without have to toss the existing alarm system

Thats an intriguing idea :thinking: I’m sure if the switch/dimmer had some type of simple audible alert I’m sure I would think up some automations to use it :nerd_face:

What about a zwave siren? Or Alexa or Google home?