Programming Red Series Scenes (buttons)

Should I disable the relay if I want to set up one or more scenes? If I don’t, won’t any attached lights turn on or off each time I press the paddle of switch the toggle?



@MikeM - If you notice a delay in turning on/off the switch it’s because it’s waiting for multiple inputs just in case you are trying to send a scene. All the switches I have as scenes, I have not disabled relays. I just double push the up button to trigger a scene.

What kind of bulbs are switched? If they are smart bulbs, then yes, as smart bulbs should be fed constant power.

Might work on switch, but not my dimmer. I just tried.

Pressing the, say, up paddle, turns on the light - - no matter how quickly one taps it.

I can disable local control, program the “one-tap-up” button to turn on the fixture attached to the switch and te-tap-down" to turn it off. That would then leave me the remaining multi-taps up and down to control scenes, etc. - - - - - I think!


Standard bulbs. But I can imagine wanting to use some smart bulbs with these switches – which I really like and want to exploit.


Mike M.

You shouldn’t have to disable the relay. You would just use button 2 and up for scenes. Doing a double or triple-tap etc on the switch will not cause the lights attached to it to turn on or off.

You can test this simply without creating a scene. Turn your light on. Double-tap down and the light will remain on. Or turn the light off and double-tap up.

You are right, by gosh! I hadn’t tried a double tap. Dumb me.

So, then, the switch is in effect pre-set so that a single tap up or down turns the light on or off. Associating an action with double, triple, etc taps requires programming via Advanced Button Controller or Rule Machine.

Maybe I have go it now.


Mike M.

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@MikeM - Correct. Hence we said double push should trigger 2 pushed on the RM. You’ll need to setup RM to configure buttons. “Pushed” refers to up, “held” refers to down.

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Didn’t want to start a new topic as this is so close. We have established before that a single push would control the lights wired to the switch. Double, triple etc would control scenes. Is there a way to set the wired-in lighting control to a double or triple push instead of just the single? So if you single push it would just be a scene and double could be the wired lights for instance. Thx

Not directly, but I think you could mimic that with a scene. I’ve never tried this but see if it makes sense.

1 - You don’t want the connected load to turn on with a single press up, so disable local control.

2 - Create a scene that just turns on the switch. Then assign that scene to the double tap up (or whatever you like).

3 - Create the other scene you want and assigned it to the single tap up.

Depending on the scene capability, you may need to repeat for the off function if a toggle doesn’t work.