Project Europa | 240V Smart Switch(es) For Europe (EU) - Zigbee, Thread/Matter

If you buy the Connect ZBT-1 adapter (formerly SkyConnect) from Home Assistant and follow that guide from step 2 and forward you can flash it with a Thread firmware and then that adapter becomes your Thread Border Router.

Good take with the Hotel. I agree with you that most guests will presume it’s on/off until they play around with it and they usually don’t. My initial concern is pretty much a non-issue.

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Very excited for this. I have about 50 Zigbee bulbs throughout the house but the 2 living room light fittings use silly G9 bulbs so I’ve not managed to convert them but I’m frequently annoyed at having to stand up from the sofa to turn them off in the evening.

As far as I’m aware there’s only one other brand offering what I need which is a 2-gang, no neutral, dimmable smart switch but that one looks pretty cheap so I’ve not taken the plunge. I’m not sure if I’ve fully understood some of the posts above but it does sound like the 1 gang model will come first, maybe followed by a 2 and 3 gang. I’ve not seen a 3 gang in the UK but we have plenty of 2 gang switches (almost always with knobs if dimmers), normally in larger rooms like living areas where you might have a couple of ceiling fittings to independently control. Personally I’d want these controlled / housed in one single unit with two buttons vs having two actual wall switches (if I’ve understood correctly) - although I’d be happy for this to be slightly deeper as most of my switches are on internal hollow walls so I can just replace the backbox.

Will be eagerly watching for a release date on these!

Pumped to see a 240 Thread/Matter switch coming to market!

Question: @Eric_Inovelli - Are you anticipating that the Europa switch will be available in Australia at launch as well? Or are there technical / regulatory hurdles that may see it delayed here?