PSA: A Lamp socket can ruin your bulbs

I have a number of LZW42’s throughout my place. One in particular has given me a number of problems of falling off the network and not responding. I thought the source of all the problems might have been my own fault of knocking over the lamp several times. I figured the socket of the actual lamp had been damaged in some way.

Several times after it would just fall off the network I would unscrew it, then screw it back it in. Each time it seemed like I had to screw in the bulb harder and harder for it to light up.

Well a few days ago, it fell off the network again and I didn’t knock it over recently so I thought I better examine the bulb and lamp a bit closer.

Inside lamp socket:

Bulb base:

This lamp was “hand-me-down” from my mother when I moved out. Well it turns out this lamp is a 3 way lamp. The metal tab has scratched up the base of the bulb pretty bad as you can see.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the bulb is salvageable at this point. I’ve tried other “normal” lamp sockets and the bulb doesn’t light up at all.

A new lamp and bulb have been ordered.

So just an FYI/PSA: Don’t put your bulbs in 3 way sockets.