Pulse every 6 seconds using 3 way Blue on/off with dumb switch

One of my blue series is being used to power a low voltage lighting controller. I am using 3 way configuration with dumb switch, neutral, and on/off mode.

Everything works as intended but when turned off, I notice the controller is receiving a ‘pulse’ of electricity every 6 seconds or so, causing the lights to light up for a split second only.

What’s interesting is that this only occurs when the 3 way dumb switch is in one position. When the 3 way dumb switch is in the other position, the light remains off with no pulse.

Have I wired something incorrectly? Or is this an issue with the switch? Thanks

Is parameter 2 set to 3-way dumb?

@Bry Yes.

It could be an incompatibility between the switch and the transformer. It is interesting that the issue only occurs with the dumb switch in one position. One thing you might try would be to swap the dumb switch out for an Aux switch.

With a dumb switch, the Inovelli’s mechanical relay is employed, but the switching is different with an Aux. I do not know if this will resolve your issue but just providing it for consideration.

@Bry In other words, even in on/off mode there is still a small amount of voltage leaking through similarly to if it were in dimmer mode but switched off?

If so, would the aeotec bypass resolve the pulsing when off?

I do not know what is causing the issue. I suggested the Aux because its switching methodology is different than the dumb switch and your issue only presents with the dumb switch in one position.

I don’t have a spare aux switch unfortunately. Could I try with two 2-in-1 's?

You would have to rewire it as the two will not communicate via a wire connection. You would also have to bind the switches or control one of them via scenes.

You could also just wire it a a load only switch, bypassing the 3 way to try.

@Bry I wired a second identical, Low voltage control to a blue series in single pole on/off mode, and no pulsing occurs. So the issue is apparently related to the 3 way dumb configuration. It seems like somehow the original blue series is allowing atleast some intermittent current through the circuit dispite being turned off and in on/off mode. Not sure where to go from here?

@harjms I think I’ve effectively done that by using a second identical low voltage controller on a single pole circuit with a another blue series unit and no pulsing occurs when off. So I’m assuming the issue is related to the 3 way setup?

Yea pretty good assumption. It may be worth a try in case the controller happen to be built on a Friday or Monday. Was this switch updated?

As in the firmware? If so, no. I’m using Smartthings so that’s a whole other can of worms (and forum thread) since the hub apparently will not update Inovelli devices firmware for now.

I hear you on the low voltage controller quality control perspective, but then again regardless of if it has a defect itself, shouldn’t the blue series be unequivacably cutting all power to the load when turned off and in on/off mode? It seems like power is leaking through to the low voltage controller.

Ahh we’ll I know there was a firmware update that helped quite a few flickering issues noted in 3 way dumb switches. Unfortunately you can’t flash yet so I wouldn’t right it off yet until you can test 2.05+ firmware.

Yea I think there’s always going to be voltage in a 3 way dumb scenario as it needs voltage out either load or traveler terminals. Controller just doesn’t need much voltage.

Another test would be using an aux switch as it uses different routing in the switch but I would look at updating firmware first (maybe ST will deliver OTA for Christmas).

Update to Latest firmware. Unfortunately still. Pulsing every 6 seconds or so… Any other ideas? Ty

Did you try with an aux switch? No motor loads running at the same time you’re testing the switch?

I don’t have a spare AUX switch, but can confirm there is no motor load connected.