Question for the panel, sent to you fine folks by Customer Support

I’m putting a Red on/off switch in a 4-way config. The Innovelli will be in the main box that has the line/load and a neutral. One of the slave’s has a neutral the other (added much later) does not. I’m planning on using the existing dumb switches for the slaves. Should this config work having no neutral in one of the boxes that has a slave switch?

Thanks, Customer Support, lol!

In a 4-way Line/Load in the primary box, there is never a neutral in any of the accompanying switches with dumb switches wired properly. It’s not needed. The neutral remains in the primary box and is sent to the light via the white on the Load Romex. So if your switch is presently wired properly, you don’t have a neutral in any of the additional boxes, at least related to this switch leg.

I don’t understand how one of your slaves could have a neutral, unless you don’t have what you think you have. Just because a wire is white doesn’t mean it’s a neutral. Typically, the whites in the slave boxes are travelers.

If you are going to use dumb switches, a neutral isn’t required in those boxes. See the diagram:

If you decide to use Auxs, they do require a neutral, but that’s easily sent via the 3-wire. More diagrams here:

Thank you, and in this case i have another explanation for the neutral in the other slave box. The other box is a 2 gang box and the other switch is on a different circuit. The neutral in the back of that other box has to be from the other circuit.

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