Quick question about the Red Series Fan + Light Switch

How many fan speeds are there with the Red Series Fan + Light Switch? I’m comparing it to the Insteon which only has 3. This switch seems to be infinitely variable, or at least has more than 3 speeds. Thanks.

Hi @bil2lay. Welcome to the community! The LZW-36 has 3 speeds.

@bil2lay do you know if it runs clockwise and counter-clockwise? Thanks

Hey BDRRR, I think you are asking if the Fan switch can change directions? Correct me if I’ve misunderstood. No, This fan switch does not support this function.

This function is heavily reliant on the fan itself, Some fans accomplish this with a seperate switch on the fan to control the direction. Others do so with additional circuitry that can be controlled via a remote.

No, fan direction was not my question. I expected to have to change that seasonally. I wanted to know if the fan speeds were variable or 3 speed like the Insteon I was comparing it to. The first response was that it’s 3 speed which is fine and answers my question. I am weeding out Insteon devices in favor of Z-wave. This seems like a good choice.

Additionally to the three speeds, the Inovelli Fan switch supports “breeze mode”. When in this mode, the fan alternates between low, medium and high speeds.

Thank you for that. My plan is to have the fan speed up or slow down in relation to HVAC function. Example: the furnace starts blowing warm air, the fan speeds up to distribute air, but then slows down as the room temp drops so it doesn’t “feel” cool.

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Really nice! I do something similar. Nothing worse than a house where the air is stagnant. You can smell it. Plus it just feels good :slight_smile:

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