Re-pairing Blue Series

I removed two Blue Series switches from Hubitat to try and pair with a different hub. Up to this point, they have been working without any issues. After I removed them from the hub, I can not get them to enter pairing mode (no flashing blue LED bar) again. I’ve tried air-gapping them for a while, I’ve held down the config and top buttons for over a minute and nothing happens. The LED bar remains steadily on. Why can’t I get these to go back in to pairing mode?

Have you released the config button before the top paddle? It won’t reset otherwise.

Also make sure local protection mode is disabled.

I’ve been holding both in together for about 30 seconds then release config, then release the top paddle. Nothing happens on either switch.

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@harjms neither switch is paired to a hub at the moment so I can’t look at all the configuration parameters. I’ll look to see if I can do that through the config button somehow…

I’m trying several different types of programming through the config button like making it an on/off switch, etc and nothing responds. Local protection might have been on when I un-paired them. So if that’s the case, local protection on may be preventing me from doing any type of config locally? And if so, how can I turn that off if they aren’t paired to any hub?

Stand by. Checking.

I can confirm by pressing down and hitting config 10x it takes it out of local protect and then allows me to do the reset and repair.


Copy. I was having better luck with 10x config then pressing down paddle/release.