Red 2-1 doesn't turn on lights, cyan-then-yellow lights when I turn it off

Neutral wire setup, had it confirmed by an electrician who was here for something else to be wired properly.

  • The lights worked fine with another switch, but will not turn on with this switch. The logs don’t show any errors or problems and it displays as on in home assistant.

  • When I turn the switch off, I hear the click and the lights on it go cyan and then yellow.

  • I have factory reset the switch, and open and closed the airgap. Nothing changes.

  • I’ve also tried different bulbs to no effect.

Ironically, I want to put the switch into smart bulb mode so I can control all the lights in the kitchen, but I need them to be ON first (and before you ask, smart bulb mode is off).

Do you have another Red you can try or is this your only switch?

After factory resetting, what color is displayed on the LED bar after the switch boots back up?

This is a single switch setup … . . i.e. a 2-way, right?

It sounds like the line and load are swapped at the switch.