Red Dimmer and Smart Bulb, what did i do worng?

Hello Please let me know where i messed up with this.

I have Red Dimmer and Smart Bulb. I set up the associations on the dimmer 3 and 4 are to the smart bulb and i left the default one on the smart bulb. Then i switched the dimming to use a smart bulb, but for the life of me, T can’t get the dimmer to turn off the bulb. So what am i missing? I did notice that zwave-js has a targetEndpoint undefined, but that might be normal.


The dimmer appears to be dimming if you watch the LED indicator strip?

You could try adding group 2 as well.

Yes, the LED strip is dimming correctly

Added group 2, and blub still doesn’t respond.

I have the switch working via automation but association should work

Could it have to do with S2 vs non S2?

I am pretty sure they need to be at the same security level, preferably with no security.



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Agree, the bulb doesn’t even support S2 either as far as I am aware.

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Well, something i should have checked beforehand. Well, I just deal with delays due to automation and wait for the next version of the bulb

You can rejoin the switch without security. There’s no need to wait for a new bulb version.

Yea just rejoin the bulb in non secure mode along with the switch you’re using (if it isn’t already). I’m not sure when the next version of bulb will be out, but wouldn’t count on anything in the near future.

True, with current manufacturing issues Eirc talks about it going to be a while