Red Dimmer for Ceiling Fan?

Can I use a Red dimmer to control a ceiling fan?

My fans do not have lights and are currently operated by Lutron switches with sliders on them.

No. The dimmers are not rotated for that type of load. You might be and to use the on/off switch depending on the fan.

I’ll check the wattage on the fans. My ceiling fans don’t have lights so the extra button for the light would be non functional and likely bug me :slight_smile:

Most ceiling fans usually fall within range. Definitely something to consider.

The dimmer electronics are not rated for motor loads.

Definitely don’t do this. The hardware inside is completely different and the dimmer is not rated nor is the proper application for it.

It’s also out of code and can cause fires. Inovelli has a fan switch planned but in the meantime you can use an on/off switch or the fan/light switch. You can setup scenes to control speeds.

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Revisiting this as I finally got around to looking up the specs for my ceiling fans.

  • Additional Fan Details:
    High RPM: 203
    High Amps: 0.42
    High Watts: 57.72

Low RPM: 73
Low Amps: 0.17
Low Watts: 9.16

Are we sure this would be a no no given the low draw these fans have in the specs?

Real sure. It’s not a matter of draw/capacity. It’s that the internals of a dimmer are not rated for a motor load.

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