Red dimmer not working

Just installed a red dimmer; connected to smartthings with handler; all options available on settings;
smartthing will execute one comnmand [turn on] and then the indicator wont show that the device is on [the light turns on];

I can change the dimming on smartthings and it works locally; but again the app wont show changes and gives a network error.l

The dimmer seems connected as pressing and holding shows green.

swapped a zooz dimmer and thats working fine in the same box [ie, not a smarthing issue];

Any help appreciated.
thank you

So are you using a Groovy Device Handler or a beta Edge driver? You stated that you are using a “handler” but you also stated that it “works locally”. A Device Handler works in the cloud, so the fact that you said it works locally suggests to me that you are using beta Edge drivers.

If you are using the beta Edge driver, you should not expect things to work properly. They are in their infancy and all features have not been implemented. Switch back to the Groovy Device Handler.

Yeah, uh, swapping in another brand switch does not troubleshoot a driver issue for another brand. Post back with details. It sounds like a SmartThings beta driver issue.

Hi; not sure who groovy device handler is; i followed the instructions.
wnent to samsung smartthings and logged in; added device handler by copying pasting from the instruction, which looks to be groovy based on the link i saw.

locally [meaning on the defvice], i can turn light off, etc.

on samsung app on android, it shows the dimmer; if dimmer is off, i can turn it on; after clicking to turn on, the button never changes to on but light turns on! then, i get network error on app.
I can restart the app, it shows the lights off [evernthough its on]; i phsycially turn light off; nothing changes in app; i can use the dimmer to turn light back on; but again, after truning on, it just freezes the app until i get a connection error and restart the app.

same app is working on all other devices [zooz, kasa lights];

I tried to exclude and reconnect but samsung app no longer has exclusion on it [i trid using the web connection to excule and did it but nothing happened and the device was still listed in my devices].

Excluding and re-adding is a good idea. You can do that through the app (it’s still there - Open the Hub card, 3-dot menu top right, Z-wave Uitlities). But the web IDE is better as it will show you what was excluded.

When you put the hub in the exclusion mode, did you do a quick 3x on the config button? You might try deleting the device either via the app or the IDE and then run the exclusion again.

Can you please post a screenshot of the first 5 lines of the device handler in the IDE?