Red Dimmer starting 1 tap dim levels in the morning

I am trying to make my dimmers start off with a maximum brightness of ~30% in the mornings, so that when we tap the switch on, they only come on to 30%. If we then want it brighter, we can hold the paddle to increase brightness. However, we rarely want them brighter than that while waking up.

I’ve tried programming this in Node Red using the inovelli-scene-manager node and setting the “1x Tap Up” to call the turn_on service with {“brightness_pct”:“30”} set. I think the firmware on the switch itself is calling for full brightness before the z-wave signal sets it to 30%. So I get a brightness spike for about 0.5 seconds (sometimes longer if the mesh communication is slow) before it goes down to the 30% level I want.

Is there any way I can have it just come up to 30%? Keeping in mind that I want to maintain the ability to increase brightness to 100% if needed, and also that at some point (usually around 08:30) I want a 1x tap up to go to full brightness.


What I would try is this - it will slow down the switch though during the times where local control is disabled:

Setup rules that:

  1. Disables local control between something like 10pm and 9am
  2. When top paddle (button) is pressed, set dimmer to 30%, and enable local control
  3. When bottom paddle (button) is pressed, turn off switch and disable local control if time between 10pm and 9am
  4. Enables local control the rest of the day

Alternatively, the setup button could be programmed to turn on the switch at 30% and the family members could be trained to use it instead of the paddle during those times… This wouldn’t work at my place, but who knows!

There’s a parameter (9) called “Default Level” and another one (10) called “Default Level (Z-Wave)“, which tells the switch what brightness it should come on at. 9 is used when the switch is turned on locally, 10 is used when a zwave command to turn on (from a hub, motion sensor, etc) is used.

By using that command, you can avoid the whole needing to disable local control and the first single tap being delayed (because it’s relayed to the hub and back).

I wrote this Home Assistant blueprint for my bathrooms that sets params 9 and 10 together at a specific time and then sets them to a new value at another specific time. Here’s one of my automations that uses it. You then just need an automation that listens to single tap on, checks if the light is already on and then increases the brightness if so.

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