Red Dimmer with Lutron Maestro companion dimmer(MA-R)

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I currently have a 3-way setup with a non-smart Lutron Maestro C-L Dimmer (MACL-153M) and a non-smart Lutron companion dimmer (MA-R). I am wondering if I could replace the Dimmer(MACL-153M) with a Red Series Dimmer and keep the non-smart companion dimmer(MA-R) to turn on and dim the lights. I understand I will not be able to control any scenes from the companion dimmer.

Here are the links to the dimmers.



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I don’t think you can because the -R is the wireless receiver and I expect it wants to send commands via RF vs the traveler line. Someone may be able to confirm yes or no, but my initial look is a no.

Thanks for the info.

I totally agree with you if it is the RF signal that is being used to communicate with the main Dimmer. I will need to re-confirm the model I have . I thought I had used the traveler wire to inter-connect them. I might be mixing the companion dimmer model I used.

Any updates on this? I just moved into a place, and they have a Lutron main dimmer with 3 companion dimmers. I have a few red series dimmers on the way and wondering how this will work.