Red or Blue Series Fan/Light control availability

When will we see Red or Blue Series Fan/Light control switches? This really is a bummer that you can’t get one.

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I agree!

Given the swap with manufacturer, I wouldn’t expect a return of the current version of the Red Fan/Light switch so that would leave a new project. I think the plan is that the planned Blue Dual Switch will cover this function but I have no guess re timeline. I don’t believe I’ve seen a project kickoff thread for it though, so you’re looking sometime after at least the existing switches in-progress finish up.

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@Eric_Inovelli Any updates on the timeline of this, now that it’s been almost a year? I would dearly love to get my hands on a Red series Fan/Light combo switch (or two!) and would happily beta test the hardware if that would help get me it earlier :slight_smile:

I have two rooms with fans and lights that are controlled by a single switch, so being able to split out the switch functionality - especially with the home automation aspect - would be EXTREAMLY useful to me.


The old fan/light won’t be returning since Inovelli no longer works with the manufacturer who makes them.

However, the new Project Walt and Project Cheryl combination should get you the same functionality in a similar package.

Just popping in to confirm what @chack and @rohan said.

Hopefully we’ll be getting beta samples next month of the canopy module (looks like Nov. 5th). They’ve finished the tooling and are wrapping up firmware development (Rd. 1).

Target Mass Production is in January.

This will be Blue Series to start and it will work via Zigbee Bindings to both the Blue 2-1 and the Blue Button Switch.


Cool. I’d prefer z-wave personally, but the Ezlo Plus hub does have zigbee capability, so in theory at least I should be able to use it that way. I’ll keep an eye out! Thanks!

Hey @Eric_Inovelli, congrats on the Blue’s finally making through production! How far behind would you say the Red Series version of Project Cheryl will be?