Red Series 2-1 Switch - How to Switch Between Leading and Trailing Edge Dimming?

It was mentioned here that The Red Series 2-1 would be able to be configured to use trailing or leading edge dimming in some configurations. I have one setup in as a single-pole dimmer with neutral wire present, but I couldn’t find a z-wave parameter or button push combination to switch between the two dimming modes (I assume it’s in trailing edge based on that post).

Does anyone know how to switch it to leading edge dimming? Or is this something that is coming in a future firmware update?

Yup, this is 100% my bad. I thought this was included in firmware version 1.00, but it is actually in 1.01 that I’ve been testing and I misspoke. I just realized this today when I was updating all the parameters on our GitHub page and didn’t see it in the 1.00 release notes. I went and checked and it’s highlighted in red on the 1.01 release notes.

I can send you 1.01 if you need Leading Edge.

If you need it to be Leading Edge prior to the firmware update, I think you can actually switch it to: Multi-Way w/Dumb Switch and it will automatically switch to Leading Edge and not mess up your Single-Pole setting.

Very sorry about this mixup.

Thanks, no worries! I just thought I was going crazy since no one else had that question :stuck_out_tongue:

Switching to multi-way w/ Dumb Switch looks like it works. I’ll stick with the 1.00 firmware until 1.01 is officially released to update my switches. Thanks for clarifying!

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Parameter 26 doesn’t exist in v1.0 firmware. It will be new.

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I feel like a fool.