Red series dimmer - Hue color circle?

Wondering if anyone had any clue as to the color circle that is mentioned in the manual? I saw someone else in the community reference a gui someone made for the on/off switches but those color values don’t line up with the dimmer led strip. Example…170 is blue and 175 should be a deeper blue. When I set my led strip to 175 I get a teal. 222 is also some light turquoise color.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to figure out how to align a color to a number?

Thanks in advance

The 0-360 degrees of hue you see mentioned are basically what you see in the image in this post:

However, the switch/dimmer parameter is a bit different because the Z-Wave parameter accepts values from 0-255 rather than 0-360, so you have to scale them, scaledHue = realHue/360 * 255. That means a “real” hue of 240 would scale to 170, which is their default LED color of blue. Their suggested values are something like: red=1, orange=21, yellow=42, green=85, cyan=127, blue=170, pink=234, but your exact perception may vary. The value of 255 is also apparently reserved for white.

I’m not sure what hub you’re using, but if that differs drastically from your expectations, I’d make sure it’s not double-scaling your values or that you’re using the correct/scaled Z-Wave value and not the 360-degree Hue value.

Thanks for the explanation. I’m on a smartthings hub. It actually looks like the custom value you input is infact the unscaled hue value (0-360). Looks like the DTH then scales it behind the scenes. All makes sense now that I kept getting misaligned colors as I was inherently trying to enter in the scaled value and hence double scaling. Wish they would have just baked in a visual color picker (like you have when you want to select a color on an RGB bulb) but at least I know what’s up now.

Thanks again!

Yeah totally – we wanted to so bad, but unfortunately, it’s a limitation with ST’s App :frowning: