Red Series Dimmer Light On at about 5% when switch off

When the switch is off the lights are still on at probably 5%. Simple single pole install and only one I have this problem with maybe over 10 single poles dimmers already installed. Any ideas what is wrong. I may try uninstall and reinstalling but not sure if that will solve?

When you say they’re on at about 5%, that’s your estimation of the brightness, right? I’m guessing the hub/app is saying the dimmer is off?

Neutral or non-neutral?


Do you have min or max values set?

Does you installation have a neutral wire? i.e. Is the switch wiring:

Black to switch “line”
White to switch “neutral”
Red or some other color to the “load”

Or you only using the line and load connections?

5% is estimation. Hubitat does say off, Neutral, yes LED but I don’t believe the bulb is different than in other locations (since garage have not gotten a latter to check), I did try changing to smartbulb mode but nothing has been able to change off issue.

Black line, black load, ground, added neutral connector to neutral cap

  • Double check to make sure you don’t have the blacks reversed.

  • Set the min to 1 and the max to 99. See if you can dim it to off then.

If neither of those work, I’d try a bypass. LED(s), right?

You will most likely either need a bypass or switch out your bulbs with a different brand/model. I had the exact same problem, and from digging around other threads in here both the Dimmer and Switch leak a small amount of power even when “off”, which is enough to make some LED bulbs glow faintly (even when wired correctly and when using a neutral). For me, swapping out bulbs was easier/cheaper than installing bypasses.

What was particularly useful was looking through the bulb compatibility thread: Compatible Bulbs for Dimmer Switch (Gen 2)

for reports of bulbs that worked with a neutral and no bypass.

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