Red Series Dimmer LZW31-SN No LED, no on off after power loss

I’ve had this switch working great for months, and have no complaints.

Today we had a brownout, and when the power was restored 1 of my 3 LZW31-SN has the following symptoms:

  • No LED
  • No on/off functionality (stuck off), even if reporting on to z-wave
  • Not able to enter config mode via button

It is however, still sending events/scenes/whatever. I can double tap/triple tap and it sends the event and does what is supposed to do.

It is installed in a non-neutral configuration (and I had configured it as such). The only thing that made this light different from the other two, non-failed switches, is that for power failure I had this one set to return to “99” while my other LZW31s are set to off.

Turning the switch on and off via z-wave does nothing. Setting the LED state/level/pattern via z-wave does nothing. All the config settings are saved, they just have no impact. Switch Z-wave is reporting that is awake and ready.

It reports the light state is on, at maximum brightness, but consuming no power.

I’ve seen some reports that the relay function gets messed up on power loss, but I’m just powering a dumb LED bulb with this, have never set it up as a relay, and can’t actually figure out where that setting would be (doesn’t show up on my HA config).

Since the switch was responding to z-wave, I changed the config setting for power failure to 0 (off) like the other two switches. I then used my circuit breaker to power cycle the switch and… voila, the switch has returned to normal functioning.

My issue is resolved, hope this helps someone else out there.