Red Series Dimmer + Nora Undercabinet Lighting

Has anyone ever used the Red Series with Nora’s 24v AC LED under cabinet lights? I’m looking at the spec sheet and there is an 0-10v, ELV, or MLV LED driver you can get for these. For what I understand, the red series does not dim ELV or MLV right? What about the 0-10v driver? Could the Red Series dim this driver?

Spec Sheet with drivers:

@scatmanFATMAN - I do not think these two products will go hand in hand. The driver is VDC and Inovelli only puts out VAC. Either use the switch: NATL-SWEX100/24A or try to find a power supply that is Z Wave or ZigBee compatible then use the Inovelli through hub association.

When we asked the engineers, they mentioned the Dimmers will not work with ELV, but should work with MLV.

However, @harjms has quite the experience (and stayed at a few Holiday Inn Expresses in his lifetime) with undercabinet lighting and our On/Off and Dimmers, so I’d go with his recommendation.

Ah I didn’t realize those are DC only. Thanks for the help guys!

@scatmanFATMAN - I was thinking 24VAC at first too (like doorbell), but wiring diagram showed DC output.

Not sure if this should be posted as a new thread, but I think it goes along with what you’re discussing here. I have a Magnitude MLV M-Series LED dimmable driver. 120VAC input and 12VDC output. @harjms I know you said it wouldn’t work since Inovelli outputs VAC, but with my driver taking in 120VAC, shouldn’t it work?

Yes as long as you have a device in between the switch and DC load. If your MLV takes AC and can output DC then it shouldn’t be a problem. You would just need to configure the unit appropriately.

I’m gonna say maybe not. That driver is rated for a Leading Edge Triac dimmer. The Inovelli is a Leading Edge MOSFET dimmer. Mismatches with bulbs will often cause them to buzz. I have no idea what happens with a driver.

True. I didn’t google the driver. It may just not be as smooth. I wouldn’t opt for DC lighting with a AC dimmer regardless.