Red Series Dimmer - Smart Bulb Mode and Scenes

I moved around a few switches I have and one of them (Red Series Dimmer) is now hooked up to a porch light. This is in a central location so I want to take advantage of scenes with the switch. I also dont care about dimming on my porch lights. So, I enabled smart bulb mode which mostly does what I expected. I can now turn the light on/off from the paddle if I want and dimming no longer works. But, if I hold up or down, it turns on or turns off the porch light in addition to sending a scene event. Is this as intended? I would really like to make this a dumb on/off switch for single clicks and then do scenes with 2x, 3x, or more clicks or on up/down hold. Am I missing a setting somewhere to prevent the relay from being cycled on a hold event even with smart bulb mode on?

Hey @gregg098 - welcome to the community! Can you let me know what hub you’re using?

As for your question, yes, that’s how it’s intended to work. This is so you can essentially dim the smart bulb using scene control.

Thanks. Figured that might be the case (where hold up or down turns on/off the load regardless of Smart Bulb Mode). I know this is a unique use case so was really just curious.

Using Home Assistant (OZW Beta).