Red Series Dimmer Switches

Hello everyone, I’m creating this thread because I’m in need of some assistance with my Inovelli Red Smart Dimmer switch. I’ve gone ahead and purchased a few Inovelli smart switch’s I’ve set my first one earlier today in a three way config, I’ve connected it to my Ring alarm and from there to my Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen, But I’m having issues setting up my Amazon routines, but I haven’t had any luck. I’m looking to hook up my Inovelli Switch to a Amazon routine, From there I’m trying to have the smart switch go under the “When this happens” tab so the switch can be the action that starts the entire routine from there I’ve tried connecting my Wyze Smart Bulb to the “Add action” tab which hasn’t given me a problem. So essentially I want my Inovelli switch to connect to the Amazon eco system to control my Wyze bulb wireless, so when I turn the light on from my smart switch the light will respond according or when I turn the switch off the light will turn off, but the switch will leave enough power so the light stays connected to the internet. I’ve reached to amazon about the Switch not showing up under “When this happens” tab and they are saying that the Amazon routines aren’t capable of doing that, but before purchasing these switch’s I reached out to Inovelli customer service and was told that this would work, If anyone can help me with solving this issue or give advice that would be greatly appreciated!


Ok, let’s see if this short version is correct:

You have an Inovelli Dimmer Switch to turn off a Wyze WiFi Smart Bulb. Is that correct?

What hub are you using? Zwave devices won’t automatically connect to Alexa. They reply upon the skill for that hub to expose them.

Yes that’s correct, and I’m using a Ring Alarm as my Z-wave hub after hooking it up to Ring it automatically hooked up to Amazon Alexa since I have other Ring devices hooked up with Alexa

Thanks. Can’t help you with the Ring as a hub, as I’m on ST.

I only see my Inovelli switches in Alexa all devices and not in Routines. Not sure why, but I don’t code any routines in Alexa in any event.

Hopefully someone using Ring can help out.

Okay, Well thanks for trying to help me out mate.

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For what it’s worth from trying to do some investigation on it, I don’t think the Ring Alarm supports basically a “smart bulb mode” like what you’re looking for. It looks like you can do on/off but that’s pretty much the scope of what Ring supports. If you check the dimmer switch you’ll note that compatible hubs lists - “Ring (no advanced settings)”.

Inovelli switches themselves can be controlled via Amazon or Google routines via aforementioned settings, and I can do just what you’re asking about using Hubitat (or using SmartThings/HA, etc) and the appropriate drivers.