Red Series Dimmers & ABT-5X1W LED Dimmable driver

I’m installing 12 of these in my backyard:

Does anyone know if the red series dimmer can work with these? Any recommended settings?


No, it won’t. Inovelli switches only support 120VAC. They do not support 240VAC.

Sorry - to be clear my specific version of this is 120VAC.

(Input 110V 50/60Hz, Output 15-18V 280-300mA)

So it boils down to the technology used in the driver. Inovelli dimmers support MLV dimming but do not support ELV dimming. The best thing to do is check with the manufacturer to determine the technology. But as a caution, you should really test one of these pairs to see how they work together before fully committing because none of this stuff is 100%.

I looked at the 240VAC module you linked. One of the pics appears to include a transformer, which I THINK might mean it is a MLV, but I would still check with the manufacturer to be certain.