Red Series Dimmers as On/Off

In the interest of uniformity, can I simply deploy Red dimmers for all switches and configure some to act as only on/off switches?

Think the LED bar would be nice for notifications and a standard look across the house.

I’ve read some conflicting responses on this in other threads and figured I’d try and get confirmation before I purchase.

You can configure the dimmer to behave like an on/off. You cannot use a dimmer for inductive loads (fans). The on/off switch is rated for fans less than 300W.

These would all be lights I’m planning to use for.

My ceiling fans do not have lights on them which makes the Inovelli fan switch not practical. Still searching for a good option for my fans.

Production firmware v1.48 will do this with Smart Bulb mode enabled (parameter 52). Earlier versions do not, and some of the newer beta releases break it. A future firmware release will allow this to work again.

Beta Firmware v1.51 with Smart Bulb Mode enabled can act like an on/off switch, but Beta Firmware v1.52 and v1.53 with Smart Bulb Mode removes the “on/off” mode and becomes “always on” mode. Plans for the next released firmware will allow the choice of Smart Bulb behavior (disabled, on/off, always on)

With v1.45 and earlier, you can get close by setting the Ramp Rate and Dimming Rate (parameters 1-4) all to 0 and set the default levels (parameters 9-10) to 99. Also set the Minimum Dimming Level (parameter 5) to the highest allowable setting (the current limit is 45 but hopefully will be higher in the next firmware release). But note that holding down the paddle will still dim the load to the Minimum Dimming Level (parameter 5) which is currently no higher than 45. So even with all these settings to trick it, you can’t prevent it from dimming to 45%

My understanding is that the functionality of setting parameter 1 (dim speed) to 0, and therefore setting 2, 3, and 4 to 0 also (assuming default 101 value is left) will make it act as an on/off switch. Disabling the scene control (700ms, or later customizeable) would make it dang near instant on/off.

None of the firmwares/updates have compromised this function to the best of my knowledge.

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Not exactly. Setting those to 0 just means that it goes from min to max (and max to min) almost instantly. But it doesn’t disable the Minimum Level (parameter 5). If you hold down the paddle (dim down function) then it will dim to the Minimum Level value. And it doesn’t prevent you from setting a dimming level via z-wave command.

As of this posting, in all versions of firmware (released and beta), the Minimum Level can not be set any higher than 45%. So even with the dim and ramp rates (parameters 1-4) set to 0, it can still dim down to 45% (or lower if parameter 5 is set lower)

Counterpoint: who holds down the paddle on a switch?

anybody who wants to dim the light


Edit: I’m saying if someone wants a dimmer to act equal to a switch, they can make that happen. A switch never gets held down in it’s function.

Never? When all fixtures are using the same LZW31 device where some are used as dimmers and others are used as a ‘switch’ there are going to be people who try to dim them.

And don’t forget about automations, rules, scenes, Alexa, Google, etc. that all could send dimming commands and your ‘switch’ is going to output 45% (or less) to the load which could be very bad for things like fluorescent lights and other non-dimmable bulbs.

If you re-read my first post, I said you can get close to an on/off switch function by tweaking the parameters (and that’s exactly what I did before beta 1.51). But the fact remains that those settings do NOT give you true 100% on/off, its just a close simulation with no protection from held paddles or zwave setLevel commands. Future firmware will have a setting for this, but its not there now.

I’ll not get into semantics as you aren’t wrong assuming someone MIGHT hold it down, but 1.48 production also had smart bulb mode that can be enabled that keeps it at 100% output regardless of level. Their current stock has 1.48 pre-loaded.

It shouldn’t be any concern for someone looking to replicate the function of a switch to instead install a dimmer with proper parameters set.

Plus we know as of today that the future 1.53b (or next number) will have smart bulb mode that can turn off the load when off, so again, not a problem today, not a problem tomorrow.

Just want to add to the “no fan” message to extend this to any kind of motor or a switched outlet. Those require on/off switches.

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I stand corrected. I see that v1.48 has the first form of Smart Bulb Mode which does provide 100% load on/off when enabled. I will fix my previous posting.

Note that beta v1.52 and v1.53 changed Smart Bulb to be “always on” and can’t be used to simulate an on/off switch. As previously stated by Inovelli, a future firmware release will allow the configuration of Smart Bulb mode to be either “on/off” or “always on”

@jerryacrocker - So in short, you can get a dimmer to mimic similar behaviors as a regular on/off switch.

Also, you could install the LZW36 fan switch and just use the light button as a scene controller. That’s just $.02.

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Sweet. I’ll proceed forward with rolling out red dimmers across the house. Technically all of my lights are dimmable led however, I don’t want some to dim.

Thanks for the added tip on the fan switch. I haven’t gotten into scenes yet so I’ll need to do some thinking on what practical use I could apply there. Open to suggestions :slight_smile:
These would all be in bedrooms or offices in the house where the ceiling fans are.