Red Series LZW31-SN buzzing


I’ve just installed a Red Series LZW31-SN in my garage. At the same time I installed 10 new Torchstar dimmable lights.

If I go more than 4 lights, which totals 48 watts. Each light is 12 watts. The dimmer switch starts buzzing. Anything under is fine. I have a few other of the same switch which I tested and all buzzed the same way. However, when I try with a ZooZ S2 ZEN27 2.0 switch there is no buzzing from either the switch or the lights.

I’m assuming this is some issue with the switch, firmware, or hardware when it goes over a certain load in combination with the lights. Is there any settings or updates that can be done to resolve this? I would like to use the Inovelli switch in this location because of the LED alerting. Actually, it’s the reason I got the switch in the first place.