Red Series Switch and Dimmer issues

Just purchased my first Red Series On/Off Switch and Red Series Dimmer.

My On/Off switch is wired with a neutral. I was under the impression that the On/Off switches don’t allow any current through to the load in the off position but I have one attached to a very low wattage LED night-light module and it remains partially illuminated even when off. Pulling the air-gap tab shuts the light off completely. Is this normal? Is there any way to get around this behavior?

The Dimmer, also wired with a neutral, has a faint high pitched whine, even when in the off position. I’m used to dimmers buzzing or whining while on if there are compatibility issues with the load and the dimmer… but not when the dimmer is off. Any suggestions on how to prevent/troubleshoot this?

In some cases, yes. A bypass will likely remedy fix it.

That may be a bulb compatibility issue, as you noted. Try temporarily swapping incandescents if feasible. Also check the bulb compatibility page. Not sure if you are in a position to swap the bulbs.

I know the Aeotec bypasses are compatible. Any idea of the Lutron LUT-MLC would be compatible? I have a few of those on hand.

Strange to have this issue when the switch is off though. As for swapping the bulb, unfortunately, in this case, it isn’t possible. It’s an LED chip module integrated in to the grill of a ventilation fan. Probably not the wisest choice… but here we are… :slight_smile:

Not sure about Bypasses other than Lutron.

Regarding the issue re on/off, I just chalk it up to LED weirdness . . .