Red series switches not responding

We are in the house building process and I have purchased about 20 Red Series switches, most dimmer. Out of the ones we have installed 3 of them have just quit working totally, no led on the side and the lights would not work. I would press and hold the program button and nothing would happen, no led at any time. I replaced the switches and they would work fine. Two have been dimmers and one was on/off.
Two were running led lights and one running incandescent. All with a neutral.
Any help with the problem would be helpful, or did the switches just fail?

Are these load only or three way switches?

Typically they don’t just fail, but wouldn’t count it out.

1 was 3-way, 2 were load only

So for the three way, I would make sure it was in ‘first in line’ in the group. Also make sure parameters 21/22 were set correctly unless this was the on/off switch. First in line still applies.

When you say that 3 quit working, does that mean they each had been working properly for a period of time and then stopped working?

Yes, they were all working properly before they stopped.

Were any changes made to them in the interim? i.e. switch settings, flashing firmware, wiring work in the same box,etc.

Do you try pulling the airgap or cycling the breaker?

No changes were made in settings or wiring in the same box with 2 of them. I think the electrician may have done something in one or the boxes. I’m just learning about this ‘air gap’ breaker thing. I’ll try pulling that and resetting one that is still installed.

So, I tried pulling the air gap thing on the on/off switch (still connected, no change in the box it’s in, and was working properly) with incandescent lights on it and there was no change. Still acts like it has no power to it. Holding the program button does nothing.

Did these “failures” start after the electrician was working one of the boxes?

All all three on the same breaker?

Is one of your switches or dimmers a 2-way? If so, pull it and using a meter, test between the Line and Neutral screws and see if you get 120V.

Only one was in a box the electrician was working on. No, they are not on the same breaker. One of the dimmers was a 3-way that was working properly (this is the one that was in the box they we’re working in). The other two, one was a dimmer and the other an on/off. I’ll check the voltage tomorrow. The one that is installed and not working is an on/off.