Red Switch Smart Bulb Control


I have a red switch and smart bulbs. I disabled the relay inside the switch and want to use it to control on/off of smart bulbs. I’m using a wink hub and set up a robot, but when I hit on or off on the switch nothing happens.

Is there a guide to set this up?

Good morning @Icelvlan! Sorry, I meant to answer this on the other thread, but got distracted and forgot to come back to it.

So, unfortunately, long story short, Wink does not support the Central Scene Command that is required to make this work.

Basically, the logic behind how the switch and bulb operate is as follows:

  • Disable the relay so that the switch can no longer cut power to the bulb
  • A, “scene” can be setup via a Z-Wave Central Scene Command where you tap up on the switch and the command to turn the Smart Bulb is sent and vice versa for off.

However, since Wink does not recognize the Central Scene Command (it’s a battle we’ve tried to fight with them for almost 3 years now and what ultimately made me personally switch from Wink to ST) there’s no way for the Hub to interpret what’s happening.

We are working on a workaround where the On/Off command will still be sent when the relay is disabled and honestly that was an oversight by us, but we do not have a TBD on when this will roll-out.

I wish I had better news for my Wink friends out there!

In addition to what Eric has said above, if your smart bulbs happen to be zwave smart bulbs, you can associate the switch directly with the bulbs. The switch still sends on/off commands to any associated devices even if the relay is disabled.

Thanks for the input, exactly right!

The part that stinks though is that there’s no way to do this with Wink :frowning:

Edit: Although we may be able to solve this with your suggestion here: On/Off Switch (Red Series) | Project Lights Out (v2.0) - #19 by jtronicus

We would just need some sort of GUI or way of manually doing it via the config button.


Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately these are bulbs that use the Phillips hub. They are connected to wink directly though. The other bulbs I’d like to do this with are zigbee.

How would the switches be updated?

Yeah, unfortunately, it’s not possible then with Wink.

As much as I love Wink (it’s what I started with and holds a spot in my heart) it’s not a switch problem, but a Wink problem in that they don’t support any of the ways to get smart bulbs and switches to work together (ie: Central Scene Command or Z-Wave Association)

The only way you’d be able to do this is with a Philips Hue remote.

I will say that we are working on a version that will tie in directly to the Hue bridge, but this is still a few months out.

@Eric_Inovelli, I was curious if there was any progress with direct integration between Red Switch and Philips Hue bridge, or if that initiative was postponed/cancelled.

Great question! So, we can’t directly connect the Red Series switch to the Philips bridge as the bridge only speaks ZigBee and our Red Series are Z-Wave, but we’ve kicked off a Blue Series ZigBee switch that will, “unofficially” tie directly to the Hue bridge.

Right now we’re confirming the specs with the manufacturer and as soon as it’s confirmed, I plan on creating a page to track progress like we do on our other projects. It will be called, “Project New Horizon”