On/Off Switch (Red Series) | Project Lights Out (v2.0)

@jtronicus Thanks for verifying! @Eric_Inovelli @EricM_Inovelli can we expect this to be fixed in a later firmware update?

I saw the same issue when most reliable power company…DTE…decided I should have a power outage for a few minutes. Would be nice to get this fixed.

Since this can be used as a 3-way switch, there should always be power on either the load wire or the traveler wire, right? When the switch is on, the load wire is active and the traveler wire is not. When the switch is off, the traveler wire is active and the load wire is not. Since you are disabling the internal relay anyways, couldn’t you just connect the light to the traveler wire instead of load and leave the switch “off”?

Its probably not the ideal solution, but it could be a temporary fix if you absolutely need the light to work when the power comes back on.

I have not tested this myself though, as I am currently away from home.

I’d also like to give an upvote for instant on solution #1. Currently my biggest problem with the switch is the delay when turning it on/off.

Additionally, it would be nice to be able to have instructions on how to set the status light from Homeseer. I couldn’t find instructions on how to do that online.


Hey guys, this is definitely a bug and I’ll put it in for a fix in a future firmware update.


Another suggestion:

In addition to scene commands on double/triple/etc tap, it would be nice to have separate association groups. This would allow additional functionality for controllers that do not support central scenes.

Group Type Function
Group 1 Lifeline Status reporting Already exists
Group 2 Basic On/off Single tap on/off Already exists
Group 3 Remote dimming May allow a user to dim a connected smart bulb when the relay is disabled or to control dimming on another zwave device
Group 4 Basic On/Off Double tap On/off
Group 5 Basic On/Off Triple tap On/off

Awesome, I just put it up at the top for an enhancement – thanks for sharing!

I’ll admit, it’s above my head (@EricM_Inovelli would know so don’t worry) but basically are you saying that if a HUB didn’t support the Central Scene Command Class, you could somehow associate a Button Push with a certain Group (ie: Button 2 Pushed/Held would be in Group 4, Button 3 Pushed/Held in Group 5, etc)?

If so, that’s pretty cool.

If we can somehow add that to the config button to set that up as well, that would be amazing as I’m assuming most Hub’s that do not have the Central Scene Command Class likely also do not have a way to edit parameters. So, if you could set it up from the config button, that would certainly open up possibilities for Ring, Wink (RIP), and others.

Hey sorry, just saw this part of your comment – did you figure it out? Are you talking about the notifications or the LED status (ie: LED is on at x% when the load is on, and off when off, etc)?

the instant on is defintely something i would love to see.

As far as disabling it for night feedings for instance, is this from automations or is this saying if i try to turn it on and its between x and y then dont turn on? If so, you would likely want an override of some sort. For instance if the baby is having an issue that you need to tend to ASAP you will want a way to get that light on. Maybe i misunderstood your request. I apologize if i did.

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As we’re getting more folks voicing support for Instant On, I’d like to offer a clarification on the requirement. Specifically, with regards to the proposed solution:

Solution #1 (Easiest) = Give the user the ability to disable scenes on the paddle in lieu of Instant-On. There would still be scene control on the favorites/config button.

Taken at face value, disabling scenes altogether would make the switch useless for Smart Bulb users. We still need scenes; but only one per button! I’d hate to have you guys go to the trouble of implementing this in a firmware update only to have it not work for a large portion of your user base.

@Eric_Inovelli Can you confirm that you’ll consider this in the Instant On implementation? Remember that with the relay disabled, scene events are the only way we can hook into button presses.


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That is a great suggestion. Group 3 has been on my list to add for a while (dimming), but I’ll also keep others in mind too.

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If your smart bulbs are zwave you would still have a solution: you can associate the switch with the bulb directly. If the relay is disabled it will still send commands to the associated device. Of course, this doesn’t help if your bulbs are not zwave.

Perhaps a setting to configure the double-tap speed on the button would be useful. This way a user can adjust the delay themselves. Set it to 10 and the switch considers multiple presses less than a second apart to be part of the same “event.” Set it to 0 and the delay would be instantaneous, effectively disabling the double/tripple/etc tapping functionality (probably wouldn’t want the config button to use this same timer or you wont be able to change any settings from the switch itself though)

I’m firmly entrenched in Philips Hue’s bulb line - they’re the only smart bulb manufacturer I’m aware of that has the variety of bulb shapes/sizes I need. Your suggestion to adjust the delay would work, so long as 0 works reliably!

I am not familiar with webcore, but there is a configuration parameter for disabling the internal relay (without needing to press config x8).

When I set the “Protection” parameter (117-1-0) to “Protection By Sequence” it disables the internal relay (same as pressing config button 8x). Setting this parameter back to “Unprotected” will re-enable the relay. You might be able to set up some sort of automation to change that setting.

Scenes still work while the relay is disabled, so you could still set up a scene to turn the light on on a double-tap if you need an easy way to override.

Also, setting this config option to “No Operation Possible” seems to completely disable all actions on the switch (no local control, no remote control, no scenes, etc)

jzw: Additionally, it would be nice to be able to have instructions on how to set the status light from Homeseer. I couldn’t find instructions on how to do that online.

Eric_Inovelli: Hey sorry, just saw this part of your comment – did you figure it out? Are you talking about the notifications or the LED status (ie: LED is on at x% when the load is on, and off when off, etc)?

I’m referring to being able to have the switch respond to an event (in Homeseer) where the light is set to a specific color and brightness. This a independent of notifications, but instead is more like a status that can be set but doesn’t get cleared.

Ah ok – so for example if motion is detected, the light will turn Green at 100% but will stay there and can’t be cleared via a double-tap?

Yeah. For example, I’m imagining a situation where I set the config button to turn the lighting schedule on/off in Homeseer. The when the lighting schedule is on, the light automatically turns on at night and off in the morning. In order to know whether the schedule is on or off, it would be great if Homeseer has the ability to see the status light and be able to manually set its value to on or off, corresponding with the status of the schedule. Does that make sense?

In this case, it seems like it makes sense to have the status light behave as a configurable status rather than a notification that can be cleared.

Has there been a suggestion to move the config button behind the switch cover/face plate? Or create a different button for the relay/paring?
My concern is kids mashing buttons and accidentally putting it into paring mode or turning the relay on or off.

Edit: I should have noted that I’ve actually had my kids flip the relay on the Gen 1’s a few times.

Behind the face plate would be great, I’ve hit that button myself a few times thinking I was hitting the on switch, mainly on one switch in particular where I always enter the room from that side of the switch.