Reset LZW42 Colors witout excluding

Is it possible to reset an LZW42 bulb to factory colors without excluding and factory resetting it? I have two bulbs that all of a sudden have started switching to green and I can’t seem to get the hue/saturation out. I can set the color temperature, but every time the automation changes it reverts back to the green / Blue light. I would like to just reset the colors back to the factory. Any Ideas?

Or if I’m just not understanding what I’m trying to do, could someone please explain it to me?

It’s not clear to me if this is a device problem or an automation problem on the hub side. In general, if you change the color or color temperature, it should remain that way until you — or something you have set up (an app/automation/rule/whatever on your hub, for example) — change(s) it.

If you’re not sure either, a few questions may help narrow things down. What hub are you using? What automations on that hub refer to this device? Are you using this hub to expose the device to “external” services, too, like Alexa or Google Home? If so, you have more places to check.

(Or if you’re just looking for how to get the default warm white color temperature of these bulbs back manually, just set the color temperature to 2700 Kelvin or so, or 370-ish mirek if your hub uses that measurement instead. How you do this will again depend on your hub, but you’ll want to look for color temperature, i.e., shades of white, rather than color per se.)

Good Morning! Thank you for responding.
First things first, I’m on Hubitat, running the built-in driver. I would have posted over there, but I haven’t been getting any responses to these questions over there.

The funny thing is I never set these bulbs for this off blueish/ green, or any other color at all! About a week ago they just changed on their own. In general, these are acting very flakey now for about a month. Turning on and off when they aren’t supposed to (full brightness in the middle of the night, we never use anything on full brightness my wife is getting ugly about this), changing colors when they aren’t supposed to. As far as that goes, I have reached the point I have deleted all automation related to these bulbs (there were only three other than Alexa) Unfortunately, my wife controls the Alexa account so it usually takes me a couple of days to get anything don’t that involves that. . These have been connected to Alexa for close to three years now, and this has never been an issue until now.

I have tried just setting the temperature to 2700, and it works temporarily, but when the next automation executes it goes back to blue/green (or whatever color I have mangled it to trying to get it back to normal).

For instance, I had a rule that would turn them on at -30 to sunset, then off at 2200 (night mode) at 40% brightness. The next automation would slowly dim to 5% beginning at 2000. These worked fine for months then all of a sudden last week they changed color without being doing anything. I have actually never changed to color on these builbs in the first place, so I really don’t know where that came from. I changed the temperature to 2700 and it would stay that way until the next automation (the dimming automation mentioned above) then it would change color, and dim from there.

I turned on debugging logging this morning, so it will be a day or so until I have any useful logs. Looking at the current logs I don’t see anything that would be of use. Just a bunch of on-off. nothing about color change, nothing about where the command came from.

I’m having other issues with these bulbs as well, that has me just about at my wit end with them. I really would like to get it straightened out and keep using them, but I’m getting to a point I may just go with Lifx for these two bulbs, my other LZW42’s seem to be working correctly, I’ll know after Christmas for sure) if I cant get them working correctly.

Here is my take . . .

You have multiple bulbs that were working fine and then suddenly multiple bulbs started acting wonky. This suggests to me that the issue is not with the bulb, as the odds of multiple bulbs going wonky in the way at or about the same time is infinitesimal.

So that leaves some outside influence on the bulbs that is causing this. Sometimes that is hard to pinpoint. One thing to check is to insure that Alexa hasn’t created anything based on hunches. That’s where Alexa will suggest something and it’s easy for any user to inadvertently tell Alexa to implement it. This usually happens with lights turning on or off, but I suppose it could affect color as well.

If you are trying to set a color and the color isn’t immediately displaying as you set it, then that would suggest either the bulb being bad (which isn’t likely based on your multiple bulbs situation) or the hub . . driver issue maybe.

One thing you could try would be to exclude and factory reset the bulbs, so you are starting from a fresh baseline. If the bulbs work as expected right after an exclude, reset and readd, then either the hub or Alexa is factoring into the problem. I’d probably initally disable them in Alexa after adding back, to isolate actions to the hub.

Yeah. I was hoping to avoid having to unravel a bunch of stuff by excluding and re-including them, but it looks like that’s probably what I’ll have to do. It’s just weird how they seemed to have developed a mind of their own all of a sudden.