RGBW Bulbs - Inclusion Instructions wrong

@EricM_Inovelli @Eric_Inovelli @Brianna_Inovelli - The pamphlet that came with the LZW42 bulbs is wrong (okay, I’m cheap and bought without the box and instructions). The instructions on the “compressed” manual said you have to turn on/off 3x and the bulb will flash 3x. Well, the bulb only flashes twice. Also I was able to activate inclusion by starting with bulb on, then off, then on. (so basically 1x). The inclusion process on the website shows 2x. See attached image:

I have the RGBW bulbs installed. It works, but definitely some delays between triggering colors through Hubitat webpage and/or Alexa. I do have them set into a group (as one device) as the Living Room Lamp contains two bulbs.

Also, please provide a link on the webpage for the 4-N-1 sensor. No where from the purchase page does it link you to the GitHub page for the driver file.

Hi @harjms, thanks for the info! I believe that the correct instructions made it to the printed manual. At least, I just checked it out and I saw in several places that it says to turn the bulb off and then on. @Eric_Inovelli should have the up to date pdf to post on the site.

I’ve updated the product page on the site to include a link back to our forum post for the 4-in-1. It has a bunch of information about the device.

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