RGBW LED Lightstrip (Project Cribs)

@Byarnell05 - sorry for the delay. Currently, there are no official orders in for just the controllers (we’re waiting to see how sales on the lightstrip are impacted by the new prices), however what we do plan to do is if there are any returns, we plan to sell the components separately as refurbs.

I’ll have @Brianna_Inovelli create a separate page next week that will list the controller separately as refurbished and you’ll be able to sign up to receive notifications on when they’re in stock.

I’ll also keep you and the community posted on if we make an order for just the controllers separately. We should know within a month or two what the sales data looks like.

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Thank you for the update sir!

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Did we hear back from the manufacturer why there wasn’t support for full intensity at 16ft? Is it a firmware issue or a hardware limitation? Was it just ‘wordsmithing’ where it was overpromised and they forgot the asterisk *not all channels

Crap, forgot to update you here. I remember reading the email and forgot to respond here. When we went to address it at our meeting, the PM for that project wasn’t available and then they went on Chinese New Year. We plan to address this at our next call.

It appears either there was a lost in translation or a general misunderstanding as we specifically asked if the extension cords would impact brightness. I will have to check for the receipts tomorrow when I’m by my laptop as mobile search isn’t the best with Teams.

We were also under the impression that there would be no power loss until after 16’. From the email, it appears there is an asterisk like you mention in that it will only be full brightness if either the RGB or CCT are used separately which is complete BS if that’s the case and yet another complaint to add to the growing list we have now.

I will put it in my calendar to respond here after we discuss this on Wednesday (Feb 24th).

Edit: @Courtney_Inovelli - can you add this to the agenda for this week’s call?

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Got it thanks for the update Eric - FWIW I personally don’t care about extensions - just helping another user answer their questions on how it would impact their use case.

I think what would be super helpful is a draw per each type of LED (max), and the gauge wire in the strip to get a voltage drop guess, and maybe the minimum voltage before LED’s don’t illuminate or are no longer addressable. It would make it easy to provide us with a little calculator that says if you use X lights, Y feet, you get Z brightness before ordering/assembling.

There is probably a market for more than 22W, and to go along with that power injection adaptors. I would honestly have preferred a PYOP (provide your own power) like we see with RGBW Zooz/Fibaro/Qubino controllers. Maybe a rev2 or alternative offering in the future?

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I know you said it isn’t recommended so I don’t fault you, but this can lead to bending your leads. One of my 12" extensions is trash because of this issue. Any word on left angle connectors and potentially other adapters like inside/outside elbows?

Did the refurb controller page ever get put up? I can’t seem to find it.

@Brianna_Inovelli – I know this was on our to-do list, right?

Yes! It has been created it just isn’t live yet.

Here you go! The listings are live however we are still working through adding more information on our pages (and our website in general… see Project Glow Up - Improving & Excelling Our User Experience)

Smart LED Strip Controller

Refurbished Smart LED Strip Controller

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Does that mean you have some refurbished ones in stock? The listing doesnt say out of stock.

hmm… not sure – @Courtney_Inovelli do we have any single controllers in stock?

I’m thinking we don’t, so thanks for the heads up @Byarnell05 – I’ll check it out real fast while I wait for Courtney.

The pages all say out of stock when I view them.

I think we do have a few returns but have not yet been able to do testing on them to make sure they are working refurbs! Give me a few days to a week and I should be able to get them up and going on the website to be purchased~

Just checked again and the refurb shows out of stock now. I was a bit surprised it said add to cart originally so i figured i would reach out, I will be patiently waiting for them to come in stock!

On the controller only new and refurb the description still says "Straight out of the box you get five 12-inch lightstrips, two 6-inch lightstrips and a Z-wave plus controller with 12-v power adapter. ". Just a heads up since people might miss they clicked on controller only.

Thanks! I’ll have @Brianna_Inovelli edit it!

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@Eric_Inovelli Was there ever a solution for injecting power into 1 long strip? I’ve got a new TV coming and wanted to throw a set of these on the back of it but its going to be 19+ ft :crazy_face:. Didn’t want to have to worry about power drop off.

I almost hate to ask, but how big is your TV??? :thinking:

AFAIK, no power injection solution yet.

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Haha, Its an 85". ~74 inches wide and ~45 inches tall.

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Any chance the Custom Effect App for these will ever see the light of day?