RGBW Smart Bulb color controller?

Considering replacing my two LIFX bulbs with the Inovelli RGBW Z-Wave bulbs to be aligned with the rest of my Home Automation which is Z-Wave based.

However I’m just wondering what’s available (either hardware based or Android app based) that I can use to control the color of the bulb? I’m currently using Homeseer which I don’t believe has a color picker like on the SmartThings app.


HomeSeer can absolutely pick colors. See the below screenshot. When I click the yellow box next to FFFF00 on Custom Color I get a full color palette and can pick any color I want.

On the HomeSeer Mobile app (the free one that you don’t have to custom code) I can add the bulb to a screen a few different ways. It sees warm/cool/red/green/blue and total brightness as individual channels so I can give them each their own slider. I can also access the custom color and get a color wheel where I tap a color and hit okay and the bulb changes.

So far my only complaint about the Inovelli bulb is it doesn’t appear possible to adjust ramp time with their current firmware. They fade on and off pretty slowly. If that’s not a deal killer I think you will have a good experience with the Inovelli bulb.

If nothing else they are not terribly expensive. So I suggest get one and see if you like it. Or buy the multi pack that has 4 dimmers and two bulbs. That’s what I did- I never expected to use the bulbs but they have come in handy…

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