RGBW White Color Temperature range increase

Forgive me if this has been requested already but would be possible to extend the color temperature range to 9000K? I noticed that pretty all the z-wave bulbs out there go to 6500K (really the the “pure white” range) but I use and like having the cooler whites that my Kasa bulbs can do. I’m considering doing my own circadian lighting scene and it would be nice to have the same ranges and it would be a data point for Inovelli that no one else I have seen has.

Maybe that’s just a firmware update?

I am under the impression that this bulb contains 5 LED colors:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Warm White (2700k)
  • Cool White(6500k)

In order to get a color temperature in between these 2 values, you simply mix the Warm White and Cool White in different ratios. If this is the case, I dont think its something that can be updated via firmware.

I did try mixing Cool White and Blue (be setting the color to #0000FF00FF), but that doesnt seem to work. It looks like you cant have both the white LEDs and color LEDs on at the same time.

You might be able to fake a color temperature by just using the color LEDs (#5555FF0000 for a bluer-looking white) though

Its actually just 4 channels. There is a percentage value that represents the color temp and those parameters just control the range. I prefer the direct entry of the Kasa bulb- its much easier to set my bulbs to 4000K than having to calculate that to be 34%.

Trying to get certain white temps using RGB (or really HSB values) has never worked which is why a dedicated W channel is used.

I’m wondering if this is a rebranded product like the sensor is? There are so many people with the same looking bulb and range that maybe that is the root cause.