Scenario: Blue series powered but no downstream fixture

Hey all,

Is it feasible for a blue series switch to receive source power and not have a downstream light fixture connected to it? If this isn’t making sense then maybe a scenario:

I want to have a light switch that controls lights in a room that are powered off wall outlets (e.g. table lamps).

Mainly just seeing if a blue series switch can be a standalone/remote switch for non-physically connected lights (through something like HA). Also this is a non-neutral scenario.

thank you!

You were good until you said non-neutral. You need the neutral. Otherwise, you’d be just connecting 1 wire to the device.

In a neutral setup, this would work just fine?

It this was a neutral scenario then yes, but non-neutral needs a way to leak power (through a load or neutral).

Yes, it would. I do it with a Red dimmer for 3-way lighting.

Totally understood. Thank you

If the location is a switched loop without a neutral then you should be able to re-purpose one of the conductors to be a neutral at the light fixture location.

Could this work with a bypass installed in the switch box somehow? (not an electrician).

Bypass still gets tied to neutral (usually at the light). It would be similar to non neutral setup but still requires load to be wired.