Sensor | LZW60 | NA | Hass/OZW1.4 - no updates

I just installed 3 of my new LZW60 4in1 sensors in all my bathrooms. They all associated with my hub just fine, and when they start up they send back reasonable data about the environment (temp, humidity, lux, battery level).

However, they never update after that. Even if I changed the sensitivity, etc…the numbers all stay the same, even if I do something like turn on the lights in the room or run the shower in to increase the temp/humidity. In fact, they dont even respond to a triple-click wakeup request or motion events. Its like the firmware locked up. If I pull the battery and reinsert, I get one new update, and thats it.

Anyone seen this behavior?

UPDATE: It does look like I get 1 update per hour or so, but none of the ‘update on drastic change’ discussed in the manual.

Inovelli hasn’t added the device to openzwave’s database yet so you get a generic device that doesn’t seem to work that well. I opened an issue in github a few days ago but haven’t heard anything.