Set Default Color for Pixel Effects

Thanks to some great help in another thread I have Pixel Effects working through Home Assistant. I am seeing an odd behavior that I’m hoping someone can help with. Any effect that isn’t specifically rainbow or random uses a 100% green color. If I set the desired color in parameter 51 the light will turn on in that color, but a pixel effect like strobe still uses green. How do I set this default or change it as needed?

Which firmware do you have loaded?

I have made no firmware changes or updates, so it is on the factory setup. I apologize for my lack of knowledge here (this is only the second z-wave device I’ve set up), but I’m not sure which parameter indicates firmware version. My best guess is application version and build number. The light strip reports those values as 1.20.1 build 43707. If this is not the correct parameter, please direct me.

Also, I’m not sure how I got this post into the sensors category. Please move to lights if needed.

Firmware is right. I remember something similar during Beta testing, but was fixed with updated firmware.

I believe when I chose something other than Aurora (why would you use anything else?), I believe it defaults to the last color selected. So green is default, but I changed mine to “lavender” and it follows that color. I haven’t used it in a while so I may be forgetting it. #auroraforlife

@Eric_Inovelli @EricM_Inovelli - Do you remember this during beta?

Which parameter did you change to set lavender?

I use the Set Color parameters (and Alexa).

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I wonder if the fact that I’m attempting to use a color temp rather than a hue is leading to my issues.

I can confirm that the setColor parameter persists across effects for me as well. I just swapped it and then cycled through a few to test.

Edit - my understanding of color temperature is that it’s the warm/cool scale from a yellow to very white versus Color/Hue are going to be the actual various colors you’ll be using.

#auroraforlife LOL

Yep, the last color (RGB) that was set on the strips then gets used in any pixel effects that use a specific color. So you have to send a “set color” command to the color you want and then start a pixel effect.

Keep in mind that the cool white and warm white LEDs are not individually addressable so the above scenario does not apply if you set to a color temperature.


Thank you. This solved my issue. I was trying to only use the cold white LEDs for my test setup not realizing they were not IC LEDs. I have instead set the color to RGB 255 on all to mimic a cold white.


I’m glad I was able to help!