Set inovelli red dimmer notifications with webcore

I have a webcore piston that notifies me when the dishwasher is done. I’d like to also send a persisten notification to my red dimmer switch that will act a a visual reminder that the dishwasher is done. Is there a way to set these notifications in webcore? I’d appreciate it if anyone can lead me in the right direction. Thanks for your help!

The notification should be a child object to the switch. It will be NameoftheSwitch (Notification x).

Just expose that to webCore and you can turn it on or off via WC as needed.

Thanks, are there any guides around that outline this?

I have a red switch in my garage for the back light that I can control via a scene from another switch. I set the LED to blue when only the local light is on, yellow when only the rear light is on or green when both are on. Blue + Yellow = Green :nerd_face:

As @Bry said you need to expose the notification child device. It’s a toggle in the settings for the device. Then create notification for each one you want to use.

I am not understanding what you need guide-wise so post back if this isn’t what you’re looking for.

The child object is no different than any other switch. Start with the webCore app in ST and make sure that the Switch (Notification x) is selected so webCore can “see” it.

Then in webCore, just turn it on or off like any other switch.