Setting up multiple dimmer switches at once

I currently have several GE switches installed on my smartthings hub but we are adding an addition to our house and I want to add another 8 or so Innovelli dimmers to my setup. The electrician has agreed to install them but the instructions have me worried. I won’t be around when they install them and I’m worried that the auto-inclusion process will make this very difficult. Any advice for making this work in this scenario? Do they really have to be installed one by one and paired individually? Any advice is appreciated.

I believe the switches go into auto-inclusion for about 30-60 seconds once they are initially powered on. During that time, you can still use them as a normal switch. If the inclusion times out, they will still work, but you wont be able to use them remotely until you include them. You can include them at any time by pressing the config button 3x. I dont think you will have any issues.

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He’s adding 8 Inovellis, not GE.

Crap . . and I read that post like 8 times too. Sheesh!

Hey guys – I realize I’m late to the party here, but just wanted to say that the new switches do not have Auto-Inclusion on them (due to SmartStart being enabled) so you won’t have to worry about them including all at once.

@jtronicus is correct however, on our Gen 1’s which have auto-inclusion (or any other switch that has this feature).

It’s my understanding from the manufacturer though, that Z-Wave is moving away from this feature do to SmartStart being enabled. Not sure as to the reasoning.