Setup up Notifications in Hubitat

I am having trouble setting up notifications in habitat. I can set the level and color in the device, but I don’t know how to automate them. I have the child driver installed.
What am I missing?

In your rules … or whatever is doing the notification… Each notification configured is a child device… you just turn the appropriate child device on or off to enable or disable the notification…

An alternative approach would be to use Bert’s drivers ( from this thread instead: Notification Management (Hubitat)

They allow you to configure the default and notification led using custom actions in Rule Machine, avoiding the need for child devices. Granted, it could also be more limiting depending on how you intend to use the notifications.

Thank you both for the responses, but I don’t know where to go to set it. is under actions? What action is it? etc

Currently I am using rule machine.

It feels as if I don’t have something set right or something…

First, det and save.

Then you’ll see these:

Then you can setup rule machine:

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Thats what I was missing. Thank you