Shipping Delays, Info & Expectations

TLDR: We use Amazon for most of our fulfillment across all non-Amazon channels (eBay, Inovelli, etc) and due to COVID-19, their multi-channel fulfillment program has been impacted with severe delays. Sometimes it’s taken up to a month to fulfill anything.

We often get asked in tickets about order status (where is it, why does it take so long, etc) so I wanted to write about the process so that everyone has an understanding about how the shipping process takes place. We’re also open to feedback if anyone is a logistics major!

Operations & Logistics: How Shipping Works at Inovelli
For 99% of new products, we have them shipped from the manufacturer directly to an Amazon Fulfillment Center (from there, they ship them across the country to their Distribution Centers). These products are then sold via Amazon USA. In addition, there is a special program called, “Multi-Channel Fulfillment”, in which we pay Amazon a fee to handle all of our fulfillment orders (ie: orders from eBay, Inovelli, etc). This program allows us to not have a warehouse and up until COVID-19, shipping was relatively fast. This same model is applied in Canada.

Refurbished items and pre-orders are shipped from HQ (Michigan). We also try to keep a small amount of new products at HQ for replacements.

Sometimes you may receive a split order. This is usually caused by some products being available at HQ, but not on Amazon (ie: refurbished items, pre-orders, etc).

Shipping Delays due to COVID-19
We’re seeing significant delays due to COVID-19 with Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment program. Sometimes up to a month. This is unfortunately out of our hands and one of the downsides of outsourcing our fulfillment.

If you’re ever curious, we do have the ability to look up your order status via Amazon’s back end. Just provide the order number and we should be able to look for it.

We’re also working on the ability for you to check this yourself – more to come here.

Any questions about the process, let us know – we’re always looking to improve!

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