Should I update using a previous version if the latest version doesn't include both MCU 0 & 1?

I have a brand new LZW31-SN - Dimmer - Red Series (Gen 2). I have not flashed it yet. The latest version of the firmware is v1.48. That said, v1.48 only updates MCU 0. v1.47 has two updates, MCU 0 and MCU 1. I’m assuming I should do v1.47 first then v1.48 so I update both, correct?

@whoismoses - The target 1 (Holtek) file is the same for 1.47 and 1.48. I would increment increase it as there has been a report that 1.48 didn’t allow Target 1 to be upgrade; however, it may have been the wrong PC Controller used for upgrading.

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Download the main firmware for 1.48, and the Holtek MCU .bin file from 1.47. Consider those a matched pair. Flash them together.

A few days ago I did a few dimmers, 1.48 main firmware, then 1.47 Holtek firmware. Worked no problems.


Thanks for the help. I updated the firmware to 1.48 and then updated that target 1 file also.