Show off your setup: What do you do with all those LEDs?!

I’m setting up a bunch of smart bulbs in a large open space with several circuits, so I may end up with several 2-1 switches spread throughout the room, and/or a bunch of them side-by-side in a 4-gang switch box.

My first thought is: that’s a lot of LED bars! Displaying fancy colorful notifications on 4 switches that are right next to each other doesn’t seem terribly useful. Having so many LEDs on in the room could be visually distracting or annoying. (I’d make most of them Aux switches if I could, but can’t do that if they are separate circuits.)

I’d love to know how everyone configures their switches in multi-gang setups — single LED mode, full bars, or LEDs disabled? Same or different colors? Notifications/effects on multiple switches or just one?

If you’ve decked out your room/house with several Inovelli switches please share photos! :slight_smile:

No photos to show, but I leave mine at the default bars. I like at night you can see all the switches by the faint blue glow and know which switch your hitting because all the switches have lights on them. For effects, I have an effect called when my door bell (Unifi G4) is pressed and they all start to blink red. I disabled my chime in the house because the dogs loose their minds when the bell rings.

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If we are in bed and a kid opens their bedroom door, the top or bottom LED starts blinking red based on which kid it is.

I also have the bathroom LED turn red when the hot water pump is on (the config button on that switch toggles the pump power).

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