Silicon Labs 800 Series Z-Wave chips

Just saw in the Hubitat forums that Silicon Labs has announced 800 Series Z-Wave chips:

It’s getting more difficult to keep up with the Jones’ these days…


Man, that’s one heck of a comprehensive upgrade. 3dB better signal sensitivity, double memory, double GPIO, higher temperature range…


Skip the 700 and go straight to 800? Lol


I’m curious about the availability of the new 800 series versus the 700 series in the global chip shortage???


Us trying to get some 500 Series my goodness lol


Sounds great, but I hate it when companies put out new stuff without addressing the issues with the gen before, like with the 700 series. It was a very rocky road with the 700 series

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Well, the 700 series came out 2019, so it makes sinces they would release a new chip now. But with what going on with chip shortage, it might be better to plan for 900 series at the rate.

only 512kB flash memory in today’s world??? Too little too late. I’ll pass. Zwave is the modern-day BetaMAX and I predict will die a similar death.

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