Slow Dimming With Blue Switch


I’m fairly new to all this, so I hope that I’m clear. I installed a bunch of Blue Switches all over my house. Most of them work well as dimmers or smart switches. However, I have two switches that are slow to dim up or down (much slower than the rest of the switches). Additionally, one switch doesn’t even work in dimmer or smart mode (the lights pulse slowly when the switch is off). All these switches are wired the same as the other switches in the house and are getting 118v. They’re on the same circuit breaker, but other switches on that same breaker are not having this issue. Any ideas?

Remove and factory reset that one. What hub are you using?

I’m on Home Assistant. I’ve removed and reset all of them but the issues still remain.

Are the bulb(s) on this switch different than others you are using. Can you swap in other bulbs temparily? What are the bulb(s) you’re having an issue with?

The bulbs used here are the same as the rest of the house. And if I try to put in a smart light bulb (hue) then the bulb responds erratically; connecting for only a couple seconds before resetting.