SmartApp API Button Event For Dimmer Switch

How do I determine if the switch was double pressed using the new Smarthings API subscription based events? It used to be that the groovy setup would return a json payload with “buttonNumber” set, but with the new setup I don’t see ‘buttonNumber’ as part of the payload. Any ideas?


I just went to the history tab on one of my switches and changed the activity filter to button and it shows the times my switch was pressed today and was three times each push. (I use 3 taps up or down to open and close my garage door).

Although, it is only showing todays history, and it shows pressed 3 times whether it was pushed 3 times up or 3 times down, so it doesn’t distinguish between up or down apparently.

I think the capability definition for button has changed since the DHT I have. I am still using the DHT from 2021-04-05, so I assume the new Edge driver will fix this. I suppose I can hack the DHT myself…